Before Midnight- A review

Before Midnight

A Review by Shawan Kumeaux


Cast: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

Director: Richard Linklator



Ethan Hawke as Jessie and Julie Delpy as Céline star in this third Before installment. Jessie and Céline are on a family vacation with their twins at a Greek friend’s home in the Peloponnese peninsula. However, there is trouble brewing in paradise as the couple has a one to one about their marriage and where it is headed.



Linklator brings the third serving of the before series on our plate. I have got to admit that I have never watched the first two installments but what I do know, is that, it is a continuation of the last movie.


Before midnight is a contemplative movie about a couple who are in dialogue throughout the entire movie. Like seriously, they never stop talking! Not even for an instance. Surprisingly, the movie itself is excellent, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. If anybody had told me that it is about a couple who talk throughout the movie, I probably would not have seen it. Even now, after watching Before Midnight, I cannot bring myself around to watching the first two installments. The thing about this movie is that it deals with some of the hot topics of the day. Things such as the feminist movement and disconnection in relationships.


The central theme in the movie, what I make it out to be at least is, feminism. Céline feels as if she has given up too much for the sake of having a family. She misses the spontaneity and excitement of life. She misses her independence and she loathes how predictable her daily life has become. And, she blames her de-facto partner for most of it.


An excellent feature of Before Midnight is that it is as witty as witty can be. The writers have done a marvelous job at keeping the script flowing and ironic, I mean they had to have something going on in there besides yapping. For example Céline states matter of factly that “the only good thing about being over thirty-five is that you don’t get raped as much”. That had me laughing so much. What the movie lacks in action, it more than makes up for it by having an engaging script. The script is spot-on in that respect. It is not superficial. We take it as it is. It makes you think just enough.


Furthermore, scenes in the movie are very well shot. Makes me want to visit Greece someday. Seems as if it is not as cold as some people make it out to be. Well, we’ll have to see for ourselves. There is the mesmerizing


In addition, an honorable mention would be Céline’s French pronunciation of Chi-cago. To make it short, it’s hot.

I really have nothing substantially bad to say about the movie. It is comedic, impulsive and interesting- a good break from some of the action over-loaded, mind numbing superhero movies of recent years. A good movie to see if you somehow have an hour and 50 minutes free and have utterly no idea what to do with it.


Watch it with– your fiancé/fiancée (not right before your marriage though)

Rating– I shall give Before Midnight an 8.5.


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