The Fault in our Stars- Review by Shawan Kumeaux

The Fault in our Stars is essentially about coping with cancer. It starts off as pretty charming but unfortunately, the movie quickly takes a downward roller coaster ride. Gus, one of the protagonists who has defied death once before seems to be trying to convince Hazel, a teenage girl trying to cope with cancer, about heaven and an afterlife. He just won’t accept the proposition in there being no base to life, that on the grand scale, individuals don’t matter. However, he does manage to convince Hazel that there is, indeed, something more than life. The movie takes an unexpected turn when Hazel meets her favourite author, who turns out to be an alcoholic, American hating annoying relic.

Another thing that was a bit off- putting about The Fault in Our Stars was it’s jerky script. It does not really flow too smoothly. I happened to watch TFIOS days before Divergent, so it was a bit weird to see Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as siblings after their stint at being lovers in TFIOS. Another pretty bad scene is when the two main characters start making out in the Anne Frank museum, and everybody else just looks on awkwardly.

One thing that I did love about this movie is it’s amazing soundtrack, which is an impressive list of an Indie fan, like myself.

All in all, I found the movie to be a bit corny and over rated. The whole thing seems to be staged. Couldn’t really get why some movie goers cried their eyes out. This movie to me was a 5/10. Sorry.


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