Existential Crisis

I am seriously considering the possibility that I am facing an existential crisis recently. Now, some people associate an existential crisis with depression or sadness. Given that the term actually has the word “crisis” in it (how much more melodramatic can it get?), I don’t particularly feel really down. I have just been thinking about how sad life actually is! I mean sure, you get to experience the joys and battles of life, but come to think of it, in the long run, nothing ever really matters. It doesn’t matter if you like someone, it doesn’t matter if you hate someone, and it doesn’t matter whether you slave away trying to make things “better” for yourself and the world. Why give in to material pleasures? And I don’t even say this in a preach-y kind of way. I just really want to know why evolution resulted us in getting a brain and body that just can’t be satisfied. There needs to be more, more, more, better, and we even pursue the best. In this way, I believe that the human brain and our level of consciousness is counter-productive. Maybe we are still evolving, but into what? A species with a higher level of consciousness? For now, I shall just entertain the belief that life is a passing moment, and it doesn’t really mean anything in the long term, which is a pretty sad note to finish on!


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